Béton des anges
Vera Hector (FR)
Béton des anges
Film -

On the edge of the world, where love and time are dead, I thought I saw angels.
To these figures to which I gave my heart, I wanted to dedicate a musical drama. A modern melodrama in which the violins are replaced by machines and in which lyricism doggedly haunts the bare décor. It’s all about finding a rhythm despite the sonorised vulgarity that they call life.

Vera Hector
Vera Hector France
Promotion Jonas Mekas

She makes short films that meld elements of fiction and experimental cinema, strongly influenced by montage and electronic music.
Deep feelings make no clear distinctions between sublime and trivial mediums. She mixes different genres and mediums in the pursuit of personal expression. By inventing images and words in order to confront ignorance, that dark night of language. Filming as a way back to the inchoate babble of language, to being, as Elysia Crampton says, “always child of something.”

  • Interprétation: Amélie-Gio Peterli, Vera H
  • Assistant réalisation: Mario Valero Palacín
  • Image: Juliette Barrat
  • Électricité: Marie Gramond
  • Décoration: Sarah Schneider
  • Musique originale: Alexandra Norelli
  • Musique: Fierro Ex Machina
  • Mixage: Arno Ledoux

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains