Paralelo 28
Santiago Bonilla (MX)
Paralelo 28
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A portrait of work in the landscape of the world’s largest salt mine in México. A reflection on how images can describe the reality of the body at work and the three-dimensional nature of raw material through the viewpoint of a one-eyed dog.

In the north of México, in the world´s biggest salt mine, the landscape is shaped by the labor of workers and machines. Full of noises, it does not affirm the world as an image. And maybe it’s not. If it’s sustained by miners, it’s also by raw material. What gains volume as matter, loses weight as an image.

Alonso Bonilla, Ana García, Carolina Bonilla, Rafael Bonilla, Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, Óliver Rendón, Juan Pablo Villegas, Kendra McLaughlin, Felipe Esparza, Ana Elena Tejera, Ugo Arsac, Trabajadores de ESSA, Manuel Granados, Antonio Avilés, Alicia López.

Santiago Bonilla
Santiago Bonilla Mexique
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Graduated with honors from a bachelor degree in Hispanic literature and linguistics with a thesis about memory. He was assistant for researcher Yvette Jiménez de Báez at El Colegio de México and then studied filmmaking at Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC-UNAM) where he directed, wrote and was the director of photography of several short films. He was granted with Jóvenes creadores FONCA under Ximena Cuevas’ mentorship. He won the screenplay price at XVº Festival Internacional de Cine de Morielia (FICM) and has been working as assistant director and director of photography ever since. His work deals with memory and landscape.


2017: Sélectionné dans le programme Jóvenes Creadores del Fonca
Prix au Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia (FICM)
Assistant direction de La camarista, film, prix FICM
2012 – 2017: Cinéma au Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (cuec-unam)
2007 – 2011: Langue et littératures hispaniques à l’UNAM

  • Image: Santiago Bonilla
  • Son: Emiliano Mendoza
  • Montage image: Santiago Bonilla
  • Montage son: Nicolas Verhaeghe
  • Mixage: Yannick Deleumaireu

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains