Window with a view
Moufouli Bello (BJ)
Window with a view

Window with a view is an empathetic experience which aims to re-humanize the question of recycling, consumption, overproduction and above all, the hypocrisy of North-South relations. This project is about Agbogbloshie, an illegal and deadly landfill in the center of Accra, where electronic waste from several European and American states are sent.

We could speak of a political essay. The intention is to make the workers of Agbogbloshie visible; and to connect them with people in the countries where the garbage comes from. In addition, European consumers will have a showcase on how certain European states and companies manage waste and the reality of recycling their old electronic devices.

This video installation is a linear and binary narration resulting from the exchanges between the participants of the experience, a sharing of looks and humanity despite the alienation report which seems to bind them.

Le Fresnoy, Studio National des arts contemporains et toute son équipe
Le chairman de Agbogbloshie
Les travailleurs de Agbogbloshie
L'Université des sciences politiques de Lille
Tous les participants au Ghana et en France

Moufouli Bello
Moufouli Bello Bénin
Promotion Jonas Mekas

Moufouli BELLO is a multimedia and visual researcher. Her practice concerns the questions of identity, gender equality and rights for all forms of life. This guided her towards the study of ideological structures ; and how cults, religions, traditions, culture, politics and technology create our perception of reality.
Her intention for Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains and in the continuity of her artistic approach, is to offer experimental works built on empathy and the ability to identify. In order to start discussions on the creation of new rights spaces.

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains