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Panorama 21 - Les revenants | Clément Vieille - Agencement K A N O | Le Fresnoy 2019
Agencement K A N O
Clément Vieille (FR)
Agencement K A N O

The K A N O agency is building its office.

In a rotating movement, the K A N O table plan divides up into three independent zones, an arrangement making it possible to increase the area on the one hand and, on the other, to distinguish three facets of the architect-filmmaker’s work.

A mobile, wall-less studio, a hybrid object between working tool, zone of reflection and space of distribution, it proposes to imagine forms, between engineering and art, cinema and architecture.

Beside the different prototypes conceived for 3D printing with Filippo Broggini and images of movement generated by the K A N O system then set out in space in a curved screen set-up, the agency houses on one of its surfaces Cantor spheres as well as curious mathematical and mechanical objects developed by Nicolas Grollier de Servière in the 17th century. The arrangement of the different forms on the surfaces of the tripod remind us of a common principle: the desire for construction. The office here exhibits a creative programme, a possible combination at the intersection of fields, techniques and periods.

At the same time, Ona Balló Pedragosa imagines a text that accompanies this work that is by its essence incomplete: a manual of Agencement K A N O and a reflection on the issues involved in each of these set-ups constituting the workshop, while putting to the fore their possibilities and their dialogue with other forms of artistic expression. .

Clément Vieille
Clément Vieille France
Promotion Michelangelo Antonioni

Clément Vieille attended the art schools in Lyon and Annecy and graduated in 2015. Parallel to these courses, he acquired his licence as a mountain guide.
His practice oscillates between architecture (especially trans-gender forms) in collaboration with Swiss architect Filippo Broggini, the construction of deployable poetic modules with photographer Daniel Peneranda in Colombia, or simple oral walking in the Alps.

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains