Phénoménologie de la virtualité
Rencontre entre un vidéaste et un chorégraphe
Charles Gallay (FR)
Phénoménologie de la virtualité
Rencontre entre un vidéaste et un chorégraphe

Should I title this installation?

Didactically, as A Window Closed onto a World? In the edit and in the frame it refuses to be just an installation and claims a documentary dimension, too. A title like a finger pointing at the cinematographic aspect of the installation.

Or lyrically, as a Laboratory of Absurd but Salutary Questions? It is, first of all, the place of an encounter between two visual artists and, by extension, a laboratory for the encounter between different media. Facing the screens the video maker, choreographer and viewers converse, while behind the windows the results of their experiments are played out.

Or again, referentially, as Contrapposto... and all that jazz? This conveys the dialectical tone of the exchanges and the desire to subvert the codes of sculpture. But no.

Or, perhaps, enigmatically: ... To Master, or, Rather, to Know? But this title immediately poses the question of the legitimacy of recording tools with regard to the body and the meaning of “dwelling.”

In the end, none of these titles seems satisfying, for they merely offer narrow frames for the whole that a laboratory can generate. Instead, then, it is the oxymoron Phenomenology of Virtuality that will take its place on the labels, where it will attempt to effectively give a glimpse of all its rejected fellow titles.

Charles Gallay
Charles Gallay France
Promotion André S. Labarthe

After studying audiovisual techniques (BTS, 2012) I moved on to visual arts practice and enrolled at the École Supérieure d'Art Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque - Tourcoing (DNSEP diploma, 2018). These two aspects have proved complementary; they imply a position as technophile artist who questions the role of technology in everyday life and the connections between art and technology. In my researches, Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains was at first a resource for me and then a school (late 2018).


Après l’orientation essentiellement technique de mes premières années d’étude en brevet de technicien supérieur autour des métiers de l’image, je me suis tourné vers les arts-plastiques. J’ai donc intégré l’Ecole supérieure d’art du Nord-Pas-de-Calais, option art, et ai rejoint le parcours Ar+image. Les deux approches m’ont d’abord semblés diamétralement opposées, avant de se révéler complémentaires. Je m’emploie donc à cultiver une position de technophile plasticien, réfléchissant à la position de la technologie dans le quotidien et aux liens qu’entretiennent l’art et la technologie.

Ces intérêts m’ont naturellement amené à étudier les dialogues potentiels entre art et science à travers ma pratique plastique. Dans cette recherche, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains est devenu un lieu ressource à travers les conférences, expositions et connaissances qu’il a pu proposer ces trois dernières années. Ainsi, la perspective d’enrichir ma pratique au sein du Fresnoy prend sens.

    Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains