Mémoire d'un vol
Vasil Tasevski (MK)
Mémoire d'un vol

Breeze, volcano, dream. Image, substance, wandering. Limes, mixed earth, cut lines, debris, humus, flows, colours, clouds, breakthroughs. Our memory is an immense body with shifting forms. A genuine machine-material in which our feelings are constructed, it is that inner landscape, that architecture in which sensation flees, deep within.

The installation Mémoire d’un vol invites us to question movement, down to its very traces. Inseparable from the creative process that constitutes it – a live performance leaving a photographic trace on the ground – the work is a laboratory open to the sky. The exhibition space here is a space of experimentation and sedimentation. The light score identically reproduces the trajectory of the body that has moved during the performance. What seems immutable starts moving again, through light and through the viewer’s gaze.
Fluid, infinite, the image freezes nothing. It is an uncentred point, a change of state, a shift, a taking flight towards the freedom to be oneself, in the world.

Christophe Gregório, Cyprien Quairiat, Élodie Wattiaux,Olivier Anselot, Étienne Landon, Madeleine Van Doren, Daniel Dobbels, Marion Collé, Camille Jovan Tasevski, Simon Maurice, Elsa Revol, Thomas Mouchart, Guillaume Gravina, Isabelle Vendeville, François Bedhomme, Éric Prigent.

Vasil Tasevski
Vasil Tasevski Macédoine
Promotion Chantal Akerman

After founding the National Troop of Circus Performers of Macedonia and having worked in the Balkans, Vasil came to France to find out about contemporary circus. With Marion Collé and Matthieu Gary he founded Collectif Porte27. Passionate about photography, Vasil Tasevski mixes different media and artistic mediums: photography, installation, video, performance and circus arts. Experimentation occupies an important position in his research. Wandering, nostalgia and childhood are recurrent themes in his work.


Formé au Centre des Arts du Cirque Balthazar (Montpellier)
Puis au Centre National des Arts du Cirque (Châlons-en-Champagne)

2016 Lyncéus Festival, Monstre vivant, installation, Binic
2015 réalisation de Janvier 2015, film, avec Fragan Gehlker
2012 spectacle ISSUE01, cirque/rencontre/création, avec le Collectif Porte27
2008 création du Collectif de cirque Porte27

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains