Marina Smorodinova (RU)
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To write this I decided to start with a unique location: a swimming pool that made a strong impression on me.
I started going there often, meeting people, finding my film.
I discovered a “plot”: after forty years of service, the pool was closing for work. I now started writing a fiction and observing the pool in the present. I chose a large cast (30 people). I found my two main characters.
When I got to the editing suite I felt the poetic side of the place was lost. I erased my characters. I listened to what the images were telling me, while trying to get close to my feelings.
In the end I had the impression I was in the process of making “The Black Square” by Malevich: lots of thought, lots of work, to end up with a simple form, “doable in five minutes.”
In my case, however, it is a square drawn by a child aged four. It looks like a square, but it is still awkward. Squares are not easy to draw.

Piscine olympique Jean-Éric Bousch, Forbach.

Marina Smorodinova
Marina Smorodinova Russie
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After studying “conflict management” at the State University of Saint Petersburg, I enrolled at the École Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine in Metz, where I obtained my DNSEP in 2015. Coming to France, I put my practice of drawing to one side and became interested in photography and video. The absence of words in my works and their movement in space brought me close to dance. Over the last two years I have been working on bringing together drawing, video and dance.


2017-Triennale Jeune Création, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, exposition collective
2017- Games people play, Médiathèque de Forbach, Forbach, France, exposition personelle
2017-Braguino de Clément Cogitore, transcription des vidéos, Paris
2016-Intertext , Erarta Museum, Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie, exposition collective
2016-Des activités du dimanche , Octave Cowbell, Metz, France, exposition personelle
2015 - DNSEP
2014 - le film "A la lumière de ce qui précède" a été présenté au Festival Kinoproba, Russie, section des écoles

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains