Assia Piqueras (FR)
  • Documentaire / documentary, 8’, 4K, France
  • Installation, 20’ (en boucle / on a loop), HD
  • Sculpture, ébène et acier / sculpture, ebony and steel, 93 cm x 24 cm x 9 cm (socle / base)

Estran brings together a film and a sculpture in a space swept by the light of an uncanny sun. The starting point of this audiovisual and sculptural work is the account of a young Guinean boy’s exile, whom I met a few months after he arrived in France at the end of 2016. His voice, his words have something in common with some of the Scriptures’ verses. They dialogue through the silent body of a woman who grieves a biblical and contemporary loss.

In this work, the mapping generates a luminous print of a virtual space: a window crossed by a beam of sunlight moving slowly according to a predefined trajectory. Considered a physical phenomenon as much as a metaphysical concern, this rectangle of light contradicts the properties of a functional and constant lighting, causing a limited and partial coincidence between light and sculpture. The binaural recording of the walk is broadcast at 360°, through the headphones available on the seats, reproducing the woman’s listening across the foreshore. Four speakers surround the installation and spatialize the drone’s overflight, its orientation, altitude, speed and sound frequency variations.

Lamine Diallo, Sixtine de Thé, Th. V., Éric Prigent, Daniel Dobbels, Julien Maire, Bertrand Scalabre, François Bonenfant, Constantin Jopeck, Baptiste Jopeck, Yoann Helynck, Thomas Guillot, Antonin Rey, Rémi Mencucci, Baptiste Evrard, Pierre-Yves Boisramé, Camille Martin, Alexandra Sabathé, Sébastien Eugène, François Lescieux, David Chantreau, Cyprien Quairiat, Christophe Gregório, François Bedhomme, Pierre Le Lay, Sébastien Cabour, Thomas Mouchart, Iris Bernadac, June Balthazard, Julie Vacher, Cindy Coutant, Mili Pecherer, Vincent Pouydesseau, Les Machineurs, Ardèche Images, C. N., L. P.

Assia Piqueras
Assia Piqueras France
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She is a Paris-Nanterre anthropological & documentary cinema and École Normale Supérieure (Paris) graduate, and a member of the GRAF (Film Anthropology Research Group). Her cinematographic practice takes the shape of an attempted alloy, that of the documentary material and writing. Her films – hybrid creatures – gaze toward the word and upon the world, striving to strip themselves.

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains