Jonathan Paquet (FR)
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How has the digital changed the face of film studios? What with cameramen filming sets filled with little crosses and actors dressed like frogmen gesticulating with all those white balls stuck to them, the choreography of traditional sets has given way to another, sometimes very strange kind of performance. In this context, how do actors convey their emotions to an empty set that has been erased and replaced by the virtual? With the escalating possibility offered by digital tools, now it is actors themselves who are becoming dematerialised. Today, ageing actors are being reborn in front of our amazed eyes thanks to the fact that man is virtually remodelling the human form, even going so far as to play God when the actor comes back from the dead. When an actor dies during a shoot, is it acceptable to have him continue to act digitally, whatever the nature or genre of the film? That is the postulate of this fiction: A.N.A. (Actrice Numérique Analogique) [Analogue Digital Actor]. This short film relates the transition between traditional cinema and contemporary cinema through the gaze of a real actor faced with a virtual actress.

Jonathan Paquet
Jonathan Paquet France
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Light traverses, sculpts and transports the image.
Jonathan Paquet has learned to capture it, to restore it at the heart of his work. With a training both technical (BTS Audiovisuel) and then artistic (Beaux-arts de Tourcoing), Jonathan evokes the codes of cinema in the field of contemporary art, producing hybrid works. His multidisciplinary background has led him along the path of science, offering him a different kind of vision and enabling him to create new kinds of images. These experiences have naturally led him to question art, science and technology.


2008 BTS Audiovisuel (EICAR PAris)
2012 Licence Journaliste Reporter d'images (EICAR Paris)
2017 DNSEP (ESA Tourcoing)

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains