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The starting postulate is the distinction between consciousness and the body. Kinesiology enabled me to bring out the specific language of the body, and gave me the keys to answer my questions.
The body is inscribed in space and time. As a dancer, I am deeply conscious of a kind of doubling, wit the dimension of the body following that of consciousness, and I can feel the specific life of this body, as a subject.
With this film I want to find and interrogate this doubling, by diverting medical images from their initial use. Thanks to kinesiology, I can experience a different relation to the body, highlighting my own life.
The experience of making this work strikingly reveals the interiority of the body as an environment close to the sea. Water offers a vast range of expressions.

But the difficult part is finding the right distance to take into account the specific life of a body, my body, in its relation to my consciousness, exactly as Philippe Lejeune has shown for autobiography. Especially since the presence of the person appearing on the screen is no longer physical, but projected.

A big thank you to Gao Bo, to Doctor François Lapeyre and the team at Imagerie Paris Nord, Sarcelles, the kinesiologists Delphine Gallien, Ana Delaperrière, Jean-Luc Penet, and my friends in Taiwan.

Hai-Wen Hsu
Hai-Wen Hsu Taiwan
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After studying dance at the Taiwan National University of the Arts in Taipei, I followed the EX.E.R.CE course at the CNN in Montpellier, with Mathilde Monnier.

Since 2011 I have been working as a dancer on projects that combine dance, theatre and the visual arts, with partners from different cultures, exploring how they come together and combine. My work explores the notion of doubling, the relation between body and mind, and evokes the sensation and memory of the body. By visually enlarging details of the body, texture, contrasting images of the body, the combination and fusion of images and the language of physical expression, this research brings to light problems of immediate interest.

Production : Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains