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Junkai Chen

Junkai Chen



Correspondance is an interactive work and a performance in which Junkai Chen draws freely on two poems – one French: Correspondances by Charles Baudelaire, and other Chinese: The Torrent with Birdsong by Wang Wei. Innovative interactive devices are used to complete this installation with performative moments. The use of acoustic instruments and digital projection help create a real-time audiovisual symphony. Capturing the performer’s movements gives his work a choreographic dimension combining gesture, image and sound. The body thus becomes a tool, like the painter’s brush or conductor’s baton. Junkai Chen interrogates his sensorial and spiritual experience in relation to these two artistic and cultural worlds which he inhabits.

Xiaoming Guo of the college of art and design of Amiens, the artists, the professors, the teams and the students of the Fresnoy.

With the support of the Foundation Neuflize OBC.

Born in 1987 in Shanghai, China, Junkai Chen studied at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, and at the Villa Arson Visual Arts School and the Conservatory of Nice, in France. Junkai uses audiovisual creation as a tool to do his performances. He always tries to find new musical instruments and visual installations to tell his story, combining his own experience with different cultures. He currently lives and works in Lille, France, where he is a student at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains.