From October 10 to January 4 2015


Martine Aballéa - Michel Blazy - Véronique Boudier - Daniel Buren - Jean Daviot - Anne Deguelle - Rodolphe Delaunay - Erik Dietman - Sophie Dubosc - Alain Fleischer - Michel François - Jacob Gautel  et Jason Karaindros - Carsten Höller - Pierre Huyghe - Ann Veronica Janssens - Jugnet + Clairet - Bertrand Lavier - Ange Leccia - Claude Lévêque - Arik Levy - Bérénice Merlet - François Morellet - Andrea Nacciarriti - Stefan Nikolaev - Laurent Pernot - Pierre Petit - Géraldine Py et Roberto Verde - Jean-Claude Ruggirello - Jeanne Susplugas - T - Alan Vega

Curator: Michel Nuridsany

This exhibition offers a tactile, sensitive approach to the visible and its foundation : creative light. The light that also reveals the questioning, violence, and uncertainty of our times. Visitors will enter a darkened realm, the setting for a fluid
presentation designed not to “channel” the overflowing radiance of light but to organise its diffusion so as to create variable zones of intensity in space.

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