À Montréal, quand l’image rôde

L'événement est terminé

À Montréal, quand l’image rôde

From October 5 to January 5, 2014
Opening on Friday October 4, 2013

Curator: Louise Déry
Curator assistant : Audrey Genois
Set designers: Alain Batifoulier and Simon de Tovar

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À Montréal, quand l’image rôde presents the work of a generation of Montreal artists whose explorations are permeated with the notions of reflection, echo and breath. Their works expose us to the idea of the missing image – not an image we must find or relocate, but one that induces us to seek. For the gaze conjures up the image, entreats it, as Pascal Quignard says, “to satisfy its hunger.” Hunger for what? For a world we might grasp with greater aplomb? an existence whose vertigo we could counteract? an imagination we might be able to revive? or for a great need to see better, to see more, to see up close, in order to approach all these lurking images that contain fragments of life, of reality, of world?

Images lurk in the creases between two glances, the in-between that is not a void yet only becomes perceptible if we tilt our heads slightly, in that restive zone that keeps stammering, phase variance, hesitation and faltering alive. Images await the right moment to appear with their trail of light on this photosensitive plate that is the world. They are survivors despite dearth, resonant despite retreat, resistant despite time, refractory despite what is offered.
Louise Déry, (june 2013)

Artists :

  • Jean-Pierre Aubé
  • Sophie Bélair-Clément
  • Patrick Bernatchez
  • Dominique Blain
  • Olivia Boudreau
  • Jacynthe Carrier
  • Manon de Pauw
  • Jean Dubois
  • Pascal Grandmaison
  • Frédéric Lavoie
  • Emmanuelle Léonard
  • Aude Moreau
  • Nadia Myre
  • Yann Pocreau

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