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image de l'oeuvre SCUM MUTATION de Ov

De Ov, film 2020, 10min

A political weapon. [memory is political]

This film is a traumatic memory, a testimony. This scream of an individual and societal wound exposes to our spectator eyes another way of considering at reality, atomized, choked, that we no longer imagine. This film confronts us, puts us face to face with our responsibilities, or from another angle, invites us to overthrow our condition of victim. We are taken, witness(es) and subject(s), to question our sprawling, intimate and collective relationship to violence. This film is a survival drive. This film is also my tribute to the beings who have, are or will be one day dispossessed of themselves.

Facing the oncoming trauma. Disruption of the cycle.

Age/era. Inside. Rage. [History is scientific]

The killing-History custom says that from the cage in which we are stick, from this predatory, dissonant and alienating world, you are a simple piece of flesh offered to track, identify, control, exploit, infiltrate, abuse, shred, devour.
In our stories it’s otherwise. We see ourselves for what we are, tied, impossible to catch. Our anger heals our wounds, finds hope, builds breaches, reveals, and then, transforms. Our insurrection is powerful and erotic. Every minute the verb is to resist, to disobey, to defy, to overthrow the ancestral gesture, to mute.

In our hands of silicon young germs are growing.
Let’s dance before being spotted. Let’s dance before being skinned.

Remerciements Thanks

To SCUMS, cyborgs, mutants, wild children of rage, disobedients entwined. To all the creatures who made this film possible.

Images de l'oeuvre
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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