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D’après le Jardin

image de l'oeuvre D’après le Jardin de  Juan Pablo Villegas Delgado Juan Pablo Villegas Delgado

De Juan-Pablo Villegas installation 2019

D’après le Jardin by Mexican artist Juan-Pablo Villegas is a sound installation inside the glasshouses of the Jardin Botanique in Tourcoing. Visitors are invited to walk through and listen to a number of sound pieces that evoke the great orchestra of nature.

With this work, the artist invites us to reflect on the relation between nature and culture, two terms that are considered antithetical. Thus, according to him, if we become aware of all the things that connect us with nature, then we could construct a more fusional relationship. The garden is the place par excellence where man’s work and nature’s both express themselves and cohabit.

This presentation will be the occasion for talks organised in collaboration with two researchers whose work guided the research: Emanuele Coccia (lecturer in social sciences at the École des Hautes Études and author of La vie des plantes), and Manuela De Barros (philosopher, theoretician of the arts and lecturer in philosophy, aesthetics and theories of the arts at the Université Paris VIII). The artist will also put on a concert.

  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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