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Resiliencia (Résilience) - Installation de Camila Rodríguez Triana

Resiliencia (Résilience)

image de l'oeuvre Resiliencia (Résilience) de Camila Rodríguez Triana

De Camila Rodríguez Triana, installation 2019

  • Sep.2019 - Prix des amis du Fresnoy

According to Karl Marx, people make their history from the inheritance their ancestors left. The inheritance which they carry like a nightmare. In 1492 Latin America was colonized. During that colonization, the native American people lived a violent castration of their identity. They learned that their language, their religion, and their culture were wrong, while they had to learn a new one: that of civilized men. From that moment the native American people learned that they were inferior and that feeling of inferiority has been inherited from generation to generation.

In the installation «Résilience» the artist Camila Rodríguez Triana creates a healing ritual for that inheritance, in which she tries to recover that lost ancestral wisdom, that for her lives in every Latin American man or woman in an unconscious way. First, she intervenes several pages of books on the colonization of America written from the point of view of the colonists. She paints them with earth and mud and then she embroiders the names of her ancestors with gold threads. These names are decomposing in their phonemes to go from a human language to a language of divine symbols.
Likewise, she composes a song for each name. Sixteen songs in total. Every time a song sounds, one of the embroidered names radiates light. In the middle of the installation hangs a Tunjo, a woven figure that the artist made as an offering to the gods to ask for this healing.

Images de l'oeuvre
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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