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Gwacoulou, Le foyer traditionnel

image de l'oeuvre Gwacoulou, Le foyer traditionnel de  Moïse Togo

De Moïse Togo film 2019, 16min

The film Gwacoulou relates the legend of how peace was kept by the transformation of three pairs of twins and their mother into the three stones of a traditional home and its cauldron “the canari”. Nowadays, these stones are still one of the pillars of Bambara tradition in Africa. Their symbolism speaks to us of marriage and discretion, fraternity and solidarity, friendship and support.

Between African tradition and modernity, Gwacoulou expresses in images the evolution of beliefs, on both mystical and behavioural levels: the place of man and woman, that of the ancestors, and traditional values.

Crédits Credits

Avec le soutien de l’Institut français à Paris et de l’Ambassade de France au Mali.

  • Scénario: Moïse Togo
  • Image: Félix Moy
  • Son: Abraham Kamara
  • Montage image: Jérôme Erhart
  • Montage son: Médéric Corroyer, Florent Bourgain
  • Mixage: Rémi Mencucci
  • Musique: Mahamadou Kamissoko
Processus de création
    Processus de création - Gwacoulou, Le foyer traditionnel
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing
  • L'Institut français

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