This Means More

image de l'oeuvre This Means More de  Nicolas Gourault Nicolas Gourault Nicolas Gourault

De Nicolas Gourault, film 2019, 23min

This Means More juxtaposes statements by football supporters with the technical tools utilised to represent virtual crowds. The latter are usually used to create an image of an ideal crowd in adverts, or to manage crowd flows in space by anticipating the movements of the bodies. As a counterpoint to these virtual images, supporters of Liverpool FC recount an experience marked by a tragic event. Simulation technology is transformed into an archaeological tool for exploring the supporters’ recollections. The juxtaposition of two forms of knowledge about crowds, one distant and analytical, the other based on physical experience, raises the question of what constitutes the self-expression of a community and evokes the way in which this living, fluid form collides with the infrastructure intended to contain it.

Crédits Credits
  • Image: Alan Guichaoua, Nicolas Gourault
  • Montage image: Félix Rehm
  • Montage son: Arno Ledoux
  • Mixage: Simon Apostolou
  • Golaem
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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