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Qui sème sa muse

image de l'oeuvre Qui sème sa muse de  Clément Vieille

De Clément Vieille installation 2018

Film / Installation. 28 min.

  • 2018 - Exhib. Panorama 20 de Tourcoing (FR)

Qui sème sa muse is a triptych comprising a sower, a sown and a seed.

The sower is a machine built to enable a camera to make centripetal or centrifugal spherical movements around or within a form. The name of this machine is Système Kano.

The sown is what flows from the seed by the action of the sower. It is a provisional crystallisation that can be recombined ad infinitum. This film comprises five chapters, five spheres, each one enclosing a desire for construction. The name of this film is 5 fragments d'une spirale.

The seed is a helicoid box containing essences, dependent on the movements of the sower to germinate and of the sown to grow. This is what is recuperated or exchanged at the end of the cycle. The name of this drifting object is Monkor.

Who Sews Loves their Muse.

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Villa dei Cedri.

Images de l'oeuvre
    5 fragments d'une spirale Système Kano Monkor
Processus de création
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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