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Seul Richard

image de l'oeuvre Seul Richard de  Thierry Fournier

De Thierry Fournier installation 2018

2008-2018. Vidéo (format 1:2.35, couleur, son stéréo, 1 h 40, en boucle), vidéoprojection sonore, tapis de danse, bras robotisé, ordinateur et programme, bois, toile, aluminium, 600 x 600 x 215 cm.

  • 2018 - Exhibition Panorama 20 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

The installation Seul Richard is adapted from William Shakespeare’s Richard II, the story of a king whose conviction that divine right places him above the laws of reality leads him to lose both his crown and his life. Here, Richard takes the form of a giant robot arm which dialogues on the stage with a film featuring all the other characters while at the same time adjusting the frame, focus and speed. The character’s voice is by actress Emmanuelle Lafon.

The film was shot in a garden and a forest, with three actors and ten amateurs, the great majority of them women. They face a POV camera which is like seeing through Richard’s own eyes – he is replayed in the installation by the gestures of the robot. A confrontation occurs between actors and amateurs, machines and living persons, human and non-human, divine and profane. This opens onto multiple questions about power, technology and politics, gender, the manipulation of speech and images, and presence and absence in the world.

Remerciements Thanks

Arcal Lyrique, Julien Arnaud, Avant-Rue Friche Théâtre, Franck Bauchard, Jean-François Chiama, Grégory Diguet and Bipolar, Ensemble Atopique, Juliette Fontaine, Antonio Guzman, Mains d'Œuvres, Florence March, Daniel Migairou, Giuseppe Molino, Frédérique Payn, Olga Pitarch, Benoît Résillot, Jean-François Robardet, Studio-Théâtre de Vitry, Alain Fleischer, Eric Prigent and the entire team at Le Fresnoy.

Crédits Credits

Translation: François-Victor Hugo (1872). Adaptation and directing: Thierry Fournier and Jean-François Robardet. Actors: Emmanuelle Lafon (Richard’s voice), Pierre Carniaux, Eloïse Chabbal, Aurélie Claude, Charles Gonin, Mathieu Guigue, Sophie Jaskierowicz, Marianne Kaldi, Emilie Legret, Alexia Mérel, Claire Moindrot, Judith Morisseau, Tram Ahn Ngô, Sandrine Nicolas. Installation design with Jean-Baptiste Droulers in dialogue with the installation department coordinated by Christophe Grégorio at Le Fresnoy – Studio national, programming Mathieu Chamagne and Etienne Landon, sound editing and mixing with Marie Léon. Production of the film (2008–9): Pandore Production, ENSAD Nancy (Electroshop research and creation workshop), with the support of the Region of Lorraine, La Chartreuse-CNES and DICRéAM/CNC. Production of the installation (2018): Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains.

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    • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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