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Le baiser du silure

image de l'oeuvre Le baiser du silure de  June Balthazard June Balthazard

De June Balthazard, film 2018, 15min


The figure of a fisherman at dusk. What is it that drives this body to brave the dark, the solitude, the cold, with time suspended like the mist? — What this fisherman is after is a silurid, a deep-water catfish that has the unusual feature of being able to grow larger than a human being. Since it began colonising French rivers a few decades ago, this species – originally from the Danube – has aroused media interest and provoked questioning and anxiety. Our knowledge of silurids is limited and the species inspires the same wariness as any foreign body suspected of upsetting the established order of things.

Three documentary voice-overs accompany the fisherman’s excursion: his own, and those of a scientist and a poetess. They open a door to the mysterious depths and to the irrational, while reflecting on the natural order and the relation between Man and his environment.

Suddenly, some odd phenomena begin to occur, giving the impression that our perception is distorted, hallucinatory, that phantasmagorical events are suddenly taking place. The terms “strange” and “stranger” recover their primitive meaning.

Images de l'oeuvre
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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