Avis aux navigateurs

image de l'oeuvre Avis aux navigateurs de  Jacob Wiener Jacob Wiener

De Jacob Wiener, installation 2017

Installation et double projection de films 16 mm

My time is one of Spanish colonies, of children’s books, of digital cartography, of aviation pioneers, of package holidays, of desert trading posts, of postcards, of lost loves, of imaginary loves, of drone footage, of shipwrecks, of social networks, of distant stars, of real estate agents, of online video posts, of faraway climes, of day for night scenes turned into sleepless nights…
Everyone dreams in their own way, with the tools at their disposal. Money and connectivity have now made it possible to visualise, prepare, download, upgrade (and thus prevent) any feeling of escape.
But what algorithms guide our steps? What urges us to follow the ceaseless flow of online images and shared desires that make up our Internet browsing history?
The accumulation of experiences, of youth, of emotional blunders, of wasted privilege and opportunities, but just as much good faith and especially obsessive research in the virtual world, has materialised here in a constant loop of images that addresses the precarious balance between the uniqueness of individual dreams and the unfathomable banality of our collective fantasies of elsewhere.
Since neither my real-life adventures nor my addictive online “explorations” have ever singlehandedly contributed to the romantic quality of my films, I let them both play out here, side by side, in the hope that together they may fully reflect the dreams I once had.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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