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La création de Dieu

image de l'oeuvre La création de Dieu de  Marissa Viani Serrano  Marissa Viani Serrano

De Marissa Viani Serrano installation 2017

Sculpture technique mixte

As I said at first, when all things were in disorder God created in each thing in relation to itself, and in all things in relation to each other, all the measures and harmonies which they could possibly receive. For in those days nothing had any proportion except by accident; nor did any of the things which now have names deserve to be named at all – as for, example, fire, water and the rest of the elements. All these the creator first set in order, and out of them he constructed the universe, which was a single animal comprehending in itself all other animals, mortal and immortal. Now of the divine, he was himself the creator, but the creation of the mortal he committed to his offspring. Platon, Timaeus c.360 BC.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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