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we, now, you ! la galerie - Installation de Victor Vaysse Victor Vaysse

we, now, you ! la galerie
la galerie

image de l'oeuvre we, now, you ! la galerie de  Victor Vaysse Victor Vaysse

De Victor Vaysse, installation 2017

As in a museum, there are sculptures, images, set up in a space.
The sculptures have a familiar look, but they are devoid of depth, they are images. Cut round, the forms of the sculptures turn as you go past.
The forms, the ground, everything is bright and shiny. You feel you are exerting a power over the space surrounding you.
You are, almost, the main centre of attention. Here everything acts a sign.

This installation takes as its starting point a computer graphics technique known as a sprite, an image on a transparent ground forming part of a 3D scene. The use of sprites began in arcade games in 1974. Sprites are active components in a still backdrop. For example, plants in video games were long produced using composite imagery. These images pivot as the players make their way through the game so as to face them. In a space lit by fluorescent tubes, images of cropped subjects stand on plinths, like sculptures. With contours reminiscent of a photographed subject, these images act like sprites in a video game and follow the viewer’s trajectory. It is therefore impossible to walk around the object, thereby blurring the relationship between viewer, object and exhibition space. Used to looking at works in a museum in any way they like, viewers are destabilised: by adapting to their presence, the installation environment limits their viewpoint.
Two lines of thought are thus addressed in the piece: on the one hand, it explores the capacity of photographic images to suggest volume; and, on the other, it questions viewer interaction with the space through which he moves.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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