Two horizons

image de l'oeuvre Two horizons de  Saodat Ismaïlova Saodat Ismaïlova

De Saodat Ismaïlova installation 2017

Two Horizons is a two screen video installation that speculates between an ancient Turkic myth of the Eurasian steppes – Qorqut, the First Shaman who had lost gravity and a soviet space travel by the first human – Yuri Gagarin, Vostok 1 mission, 1961. The cemetery of Qorqut and the Baikanur space station are both situated in the south of Kazakhstan in a distance of 20 kilometers. Locals believe that human space travel was predicted to be next to the ancient grave of Qorqut. Both the ancient myth and the soviet exploration are bound by a final human search of immortality. Two Horizons pretends to capture the place and sound of the geographic point where the first and last human levitated suspended in time.

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