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Les ténèbres extérieures - Film de Egor Shevchenko Egor Shevchenko

Les ténèbres extérieures

image de l'oeuvre Les ténèbres extérieures de  Egor Shevchenko	 Egor Shevchenko

De Egor Shevchenko , film 2017, 19min

The films tells a story of an army pilot who comes back to the military base after where he was situated and discovers that his wife died while he was participating in the war operation. The pilot tries to unravel what exactly happened to his wife and tries to recreate the events of her last day.

Cinematic part of the film is shot in the realistic style, with moving camera, following the main character, with long shots, using mainly natural light sources. Image is mainly dark; most of the exterior shots are made at night. Found-footages made with low quality digital video and photo cameras.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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