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Reste pour la nuit

image de l'oeuvre Reste pour la nuit de  Joakim Pusenius

De Joakim Pusenius film 2017, 20min

Somewhere there, is a man who saw a documentary of an animal that he had never known existing.
Somewhere there, is a young woman who has been taken to a hunting trip with her father.
Somewhere there, is motocross course with sand and dust and smoke and noise.
Somewhere there, is a live broadcast on the TV of something historical.
Somewhere there, is an aeroplane crossing the midday sky.
Somewhere there, is a kid that does what kids do the best.
Somewhere there, is a woman who has just covered from a surgery.
Somewhere there, are some boys dancing in the street.
Somewhere there, is a dead man that wakes up.

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  • Finnish Cultural Foundation
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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