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La route s’arrête ici - Film de Jean Hubert Jean Hubert

La route s’arrête ici

image de l'oeuvre La route s’arrête ici de  Jean Hubert Jean Hubert

De Jean Hubert, film 2017, 21min

A little tale, an anecdote of one particular night. Camille walks along a track. She is amazing, Camille, she never feels unwell, is never afraid. She pursues her work until reaching the goal she’d set for herself. Her shoulders – especially a shoulder, a round shoulder, not at all big, a shoulder in which the butt of a rifle will nestle, and at the end of which two jerricans of petrol swing. I can fill them up to the top as much as I want, first one, then both of them, so that her arm grows tired, the joint gives way a little, the muscles sag and the whole thing tilts. It changes nothing. At each shot, the same brutal determination. A Medea hides behind her and follows in her footsteps. In her spare pair of ankle-boots that have been deliberately dirtied... Night falls, we must finish. We are expected at the service station where François is still sleeping. Let’s empty the jerricans. We’ll fill them again. But we will never fill them enough.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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