Le Romanz de Fanuel - Film de Andres Hernandez Ramirez Andres Hernandez Ramirez

Le Romanz de Fanuel

image de l'oeuvre Le Romanz de Fanuel de  Andres Hernandez Ramirez Andres Hernandez Ramirez

De Vir Andres Hera, film 2017, 20min

Self-contradicting upland landscapes retreating one behind the other – volcanoes and valleys, mountains – they are characters in the fullest sense. They possess a presence on film, two sides, at the same time a territory of immense beauty, and also the symbol of constant subjugation, that of the insignificance of man faced with these hearts of lava; the landscape is a mirror of the state of the soul.
A secret, unspoken story unwinds from around a character taken from a book who wanders through the real world.
This is Fanuel/Alferez, a being born of the connection between two ghostly figures, revenants; the actor’s wanderings are a reflection of the invisible, inaccessible and imperceptible stories using the metaphor of a mountain exile.
As the story unfolds, we get to know his psychology, his desire to live outside a body that undergoes various metamorphoses. This parallel, dislocated and anachronistic narrative is told through the voice of an Aztec god, Tlaloc, who roams free and who seems to speak from his timeless dwelling place, a divinity who observes the changes through each epoch and landscape (no less indefinite), and through whose mouth speak long-vanished voices, sentences made of forgotten words.

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  • Labodigital Mexico D.F.
  • Alliance française du Mexique
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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