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Il mondo o niente / Le monde ou rien

image de l'oeuvre Il mondo o niente / Le monde ou rien de  Chiara Caterina Chiara Caterina

De Chiara Caterina film 2017, 45min

“But closed in one room, a world apart, I am glad to travel in my memory to that other world, hedged in by custom and sorrow, cut off from History and the State, eternally patient, to that land without comfort or solace [...].”
Carlo Levi

Il mondo o niente is this isolated and fantasised about southern Italy, made up of black veils and processions, of clay earth and of Carlo Levi’s “severe villages on the tops of their hills.”
But this other world is very near, dissected by a modernity that has short-circuited an idealised archaism: the peasants have iPhone 6s and the wolves respond to the sound of a megaphone, while mysterious machines observe the stars and a sprawling petroleum plant empoisons the region’s waters.

Il mondo o niente is a disappearing trace, a camera that takes only the peripheral byways, drifting from one stratum to another, mapmaking the secret links of this hemmed-in territory.
From one dawn to the next, from the summit of the mountains to underground tunnels, the film surveys and encounters, little by little effacing imaginary landscapes so as to better explore the seams of a world-fabric.
Clara Chapus

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  • Alliance française de Basilicalata
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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