An Excavation of Us

image de l'oeuvre An Excavation of Us de  Shirley Bruno Shirley Bruno

De Shirley Bruno, film 2017, 11min

1791, the first year of the Haitian Revolution.
Inside a cave, in black and white, the shadows of Napoleon’s army tumble into a boat, moving about through various dark, textured zones where the water shimmering in their lamps glints even more.

According to legend, the French Army was lured into a mysterious cave by a woman soldier, Marie Jeanne. It was her task to ensnare the enemy. This revolution was to become the most successful slave revolt in history.

This film deals with the way in which history, though imperceptible and varying according to viewpoint, remains inextricably bound up with place, time, and myth. It is the persistence of memory and of experience, penetrated, consumed, then branded on to the collective body.

It is also a film with which we can confront the banal culture of collective forgetfulness, a means of facing the traumas of my ancestors embedded in my body. It is also an invitation to other peoples, a story about us all… A way of contemplating our sins so as to overcome oblivion. Since, once forgotten, history is condemned to repeat itself.

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  • Greek Film Centre
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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