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Les Têtes de Mort d'Arkana - Film de Charlotte Bayer-Broc Charlotte Bayer-Broc

Les Têtes de Mort d'Arkana

image de l'oeuvre Les Têtes de Mort d'Arkana de  Charlotte Bayer-Broc Charlotte Bayer-Broc

De Charlotte Bayer-Broc, film 2017, 28min


In a world of total war, where human beings now only exist in the form of a trace, a devastated shaman, broken opera singer and a killer, all of them women, desperately wait for the return of Arkana, a prisoner of the Faceless Regime.

Confronted by the brutality, chaos and suffering, and the suicidal unrest of the entire planet, they’ve taken refuge in a distant forest. This forest is that found in a series of paintings by Botticelli, The Story of Natagio Degli Onesti. It is the stage for an eternal hunt in which the figure of the woman chased, ripped open, torn, clashes with the fragile community formed by the four women. They then invent rituals, gestures and curses together in order to escape the threat hanging over them. They become witches, imagine themselves cyborgs. They are mutant creatures whose hands become green and whose skin turns to plastic.

They recite magic spells and create a language for themselves in order to push away the masks covering their faces. Les Têtes de Mort d'Arkana is a command to no longer be buried within ourselves, to tear ourselves away from the world of the living in order to make grieving a revolutionary practice, an insurrectional stance.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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