image de l'oeuvre Etymology de  Saïd Afifi	 Saïd Afifi

De Saïd Afifi film 2017, 16min

“Today, we have invented an accidental time – that is an instant, which partakes neither of the past, nor of the future, and which is fundamentally uninhabitable.”
Paul Virilio

Two worlds coexist in embryo. Contemporary ruins superimposed over ancestral ones evolve together, marrying past, present, and future.

This film is an invitation to archaeological introspection, in a world in suspension where man is nothing more than a memory. It invites us to contemplate the development of the flesh and the birth of an imaginary alchemical and mineral universe.

If the word ETYMOLOGY means literally the origin of a word and its historical, cultural, and metaphorical progression, it becomes here a kind of interval that links a multitude of layers, between ancient architecture and ultramodern structures, between dance and death, between stone and life, motion and inertia.

The real and the hyperreal. ETYMOLOGY also becomes an eternal dialogue between forms, in which meaning no longer exists, no more than the narrator (author). Just a few sounds engraved on rocks subsist, functioning like records, exactly like the black boxes that become so fascinating after a plane crash.

Accelerating progress in the contemporary world implies that tomorrow’s surveys will be of ruins; a kind of archaeology of the future.

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  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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