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Maison de poupées

image de l'oeuvre Maison de poupées de  Xénophon Tsoumas Xénophon Tsoumas

De Xénophon Tsoumas film 2016, 16min

  • 2016 - Exhibition Panorama 18 de Tourcoing (FR)

Nicolas and Marguerite, brother and sister, are left alone in their luxurious house. Outside it is pouring down. As the storm rages, they start picking up their toys in order to make a great big doll’s house. The story begins with toy-like figures that live like the children, until a terrible event occurs and stirs intense emotions. Mixing scenes filmed in real conditions with others in stop-motion, the work navigates between the imaginary and the real. It is a micrography of a childhood world, a world without end where children’s conceptions are shaped by the imaginary, so that what seems small is in fact huge. How does a child’s imagination work? What is the real scale of the childhood world? What are children’s perceptions? How do they understand ideas, other people’s feelings, humour and fears ?

Images de l'oeuvre
    In situ - Maison de poupées
Processus de création
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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