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Écriture divine

image de l'oeuvre Écriture divine de  Chia-Wei Hsu Chia-Wei Hsu

De Chia-Wei Hsu film 2016, 10min

  • 2016 - Exhibition Panorama 18 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

Northwest of Taiwan lies Mazu, an archipelago of 19 small islands. On the main one, a frog god called “Marshal Ironclad” is adulated by the inhabitants of a village called Chin-Pi. According to the legends, the divinity was born in 1400 BC in a pond in Southwest China. It then became the region’s protective deity and was worshipped in a temple on Mount Wu-Yi. After the Cultural Revolution, it is said, it found refuge among the inhabitants of Mazu.

Based essentially on this legend, my work is made up two parts. The first comprises a documentary shot in a movement capture studio. It features a very unusual ceremony which enables me to communicate with the frog god and talk with him so as to find out the original configuration of the temple dedicated to him which was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. The second part of the film was made at the same time as the first, but developed using the movement captures of the god on his palanquin. These movements will be assembled with the 3D recreation of the temple to create an animation film. The work thus combines a documentary and a 3D animation. It examines a historical and political reality from an artistic viewpoint.

Remerciements Thanks

Thanks to the Association for the development of the community Qinbi of the municipality of Beigan, county of Lienchiang.

Crédits Credits

Co producteur : LIANG GALLERY

Interpreter of the mediums: my Caravanserai CHEN
Mediums: Tien Sui CHEN, Shih Hui HSUEH, the Year Min CHEN, Shih Hsun CHEN
Realization: Wei HSU shit
Production: Elodie Wattiaux
Image: READ Adiong, Hong Chi HUANG, Shao Gang WANG
Sound engineer: Chih Ming FENG
Assistants camera: Jo Mei LEE, Wen Hui yin
Editing embellishes with images: Wei HSU shit
Editing sound and mixing: Yannick Delmaire
Calibration colors: Baptiste Evrard
3D modeller: Boren HUANG
3D animation: Boren HUANG
Capture movements: Animocap of Chinese Culture University
English translator: Wei LEE
French translator: Hung Yu CHANG
Translators fuzhou dialect: Wen Hui CHEN, Te Hsing CHEN
Equipments: IPIX

    Images de l'oeuvre
    Processus de création
    • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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