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À main levée

image de l'oeuvre À main levée de  Pauline De Chalendar Pauline De Chalendar

De Pauline De Chalendar installation 2015

  • 2015 - Exhibition Panorama 17 de Tourcoing (FR)

À main levée (Freehand) questions the practice and temporality of drawing today. The installation sets up a dialogue between kinds of lines. Some were traced on a roll of paper during a solitary walk in the mountains, over a period of several days. Drawing becomes almost an act of resistance to time, which is forever accelerating. The others are three-dimensional. Placed at the end of the long frieze, two virtual reality headsets offer a view of a sketch in the process of being made, thanks to a sensor that picks up my actions in the air.

What is an incomplete image? Without a surface, does the word drawing even mean anything? The landscape of threads is inhabited by imperturbable antique figures whose mischievous lines manifest themselves, whisper and slip between our fingers.

“Drawing freehand, I take my line for a walk. Likewise the wayfarer, in his perambulations, lays a trail on the ground in the form of footprints, paths and tracks.” Tim Ingold, Lines: A Brief History, 2013.

Processus de création
  • INRIA Lille Nord- Europe
  • CNRS (CRIStAL UMR 9189 et IRCICA USR 3380)
  • SCV (Sciences et Cultures du Visuel) (Imaginarium/Tourcoing)
  • MINT Université de Lille

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