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Following the government decision announced at 7.30 pm on Saturday 14 March, we inform you that Le Fresnoy closed to the public at midnight on Saturday 14 March. Our entire exhibition and film programme is therefore cancelled. This closure remains effective until further notice.


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Focus on Infinity

image de l'oeuvre Focus on Infinity de  Mathilde Lavenne Mathilde Lavenne

De Mathilde Lavenne film 2015, 15min 35s

  • 2015 - Exhibition Panorama 17 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

A Ferry leaves us at the foot of snowy mountains and leads us to the heart of a glacier where the magnetic field seems to reverse the perception of time. Hypnotic, kaleidoscopic, shamanic, Focus On Infinity explores the creative power in each tiny part of humanity. This sensorial exhibition in the form of a fjord-movie reminds us that Lavoisier’s thought, too, is infinite: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Geoffrey Sebille

“ (...) The mountain depopulates space. It alone engraves – in its time and at its hour – the lines of appearance, the drawing of appearance, its flows and its freezes, its diaphanous concretions and its emptiness with barely a human or animal face, following the height of its viewpoint: it details what is infinite within it, not at every moment, but in the tireless diffraction of the moments that are composed and dissolved by day and by night, on the rock in fragments, drips and reflective crystallisations, under the snow or under the moss haunted by secret transparencies. (…) Constraining the person who films it – this infinite splendour – to stand at a single waiting point, locating themselves there between the going and the return, knowing now that they will never stop coming back towards it, spacing out its approaches: a pact that tears apart yet cannot be torn asunder, from which all sources are transformed into images. At first approach an endless chord. On the first return, an adventure without reverse”.

Excerpt from ABORDS, Daniel Dobbels

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