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image de l'oeuvre David de  Kevin Voinet Kevin Voinet

De Kevin Voinet film 2014

  • 2014 - Exhibition Panorama 16 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

Kevin is trying to find out the identity of David, someone he never knew, and about whom he knows precious little. Yet the two men share a father. David was 26 when he disappeared – Kevin’s age today. In a conversation with his father he tries to piece together a more detailed picture of his brother, to imagine his life, and even invents it by relating it to his own. Faces are superimposed, lives are mixed and frontiers grow blurred. Guided by his father’s voice, Kevin sets out to find David. The film is a quest for identity built along two axes: a documentary strand in which Kevin talks with his father, and a fictional part in which he becomes (or tries to become) David. The point of this film is to make David present, not with the features of another person, but through his brother’s flesh and his father’s words. Searching is central to this story, as several notions are explored: the real, fantasy, identity and absence. The film is a dialogue between these protagonists inhabiting different temporalities and spaces. These crisscrossing movements, this permanent back-and-forth, provoke an identity crisis that is followed by the viewer in a first-person itinerary. The autobiographical dimension of the project will be reinforced by the use of videos of childhood.

Remerciements Thanks

Guylaine Huet, François Bonenfant et l’équipe du Fresnoy. Raphael Van Sitteren, Louise De Clercq et Michel Jocaille. Un grand merci à Yasmina Benabderrahmane, Hanna Roland, Loïs Leflammand, Tiphaine Haouy, Elise Rissetto, Fayçal Lemtaï, et tous ceux qui m’ont soutenu sur Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

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