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Camanchaca, là où les corps crient

image de l'oeuvre Camanchaca, là où les corps crient de  Clio Simon Clio Simon

De Clio Simon film 2014

  • 2014 - Exhibition Panorama 16 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

La Camanchaca is not just something you look at. It is something that penetrates you, that comes, inevitably, to invade you. It is the Law of the outside. Of an outside where you cannot hide. In other words, History!” Clio Simon (excerpt from the film)

“This is the danger and the law to which Clio Simon’s film exposes itself. By which it is already penetrated, forced to go forward, its only weapons being passion and the mitigation of voices, images and powers that it can offer so that a cry need not be mortal but still a call for language, research into sources without jealousy, and so that History can poetically resist the temptations of myths. There is such a thing as a “cry of reason,” and it is in the waters, possibly now parched, of that reason, that Clio attempts to clear the mists that are too dark, too compact with memories and bodies, so that a cry of light may take shape: probably like lightning.” Daniel Dobbels (From Volume 57 of the complete works of daniel dobbels, published in the Pléiade edition, page 2014, edited with a preface by François Bonenfant, texts in Portuguese and Spanish).

Remerciements Thanks

Je remercie la ville de Paris, la Station Expérimentale d’Alto Patache du Centre du Désert d’Atacama (Chili), ainsi que tous les souscripteurs.

Images de l'oeuvre

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