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La nuit transparente

image de l'oeuvre La nuit transparente de  Maral Pourmandan Maral Pourmandan

De Maral Pourmandan film 2014

  • 2014 - Exhibition Panorama 16 de Tourcoing (FR)

Mirrors, symbols of purity and reflection, play an important role in Iranian culture and literature. Several writers and poets have used this symbol as a way of talking about their loves, their worries, their sensations, and also about the situation of the country as they saw it. At first, I simply wanted to illustrate a few of these poems. But gradually my story became more personal, and I found that I too was looking into a mirror. What I am talking about in this film and what I see in this mirror is both my own image and that of my friends, my parents, those Iranians after the war between Iran and Iraq, and up to the present. I am standing in front of my mirror. I am sitting in front of my mirror, and what I see, what I see is only your image. I see only reflections. We are all each other’s reflections.

Remerciements Thanks

Toute l’équipe du Fresnoy, Bernard Faucon, Lucie Bercez.

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