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La souplesse allemande

image de l'oeuvre La souplesse allemande de  Clément Goffinet Clément Goffinet

De Clément Goffinet film 2014

  • 2014 - Exhibition Panorama 16 de Tourcoing (FR)

Bud was given birth by a car. Like others before him, he came out of the trunk. Body-shaped clothes and accessories, Bud is an adult specimen printed in the middle of the forest in northern France, and (even for him) a certain mystery surrounds his origins. When he gets out a camera, it is to express his maternal/automobile fascination.

Remerciements Thanks

Lazare Belbachir, Bertrand Scalabre, Samuel Allain, Jules Huvig, ma famille.

Images de l'oeuvre
    Photos du film d'animation
Processus de création
    Processus de création de l'installation Interview

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