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image de l'oeuvre Calais de  Eric Giraudet De Boudemange Eric Giraudet De Boudemange

De Eric Giraudet De Boudemange installation 2010

Projet : Photographie en relief – installation Diaporama stéréoscopique

Installation diaporama de photographies stéréoscopiques. Sur 1 écran de 4 m de base minimum, comme un grand théâtre optique. Les traces laissées par les migrants à Calais. Ou un territoire générique de migration, peut-être avec des comédiens. Il n’y a pas d’histoires. Ce sont des scènes, des gens dans un territoire. Comment voir et montrer dans son ensemble un territoire ? Prises de vues avec 2 appareils photos persos. Projection image polarisée. Lunettes grises. Ecran métallisé.

  • 2010 - Exhibition Panorama 12 de Tourcoing (FR)

The starting point is a map: Calais, a territory on the border on which men are hounded; a stopover, a periphery. It is this ambivalent nature of the border that interests me. It is both limited/isolated, situated on the Eurotunnel zones and the port, and disperses the migrant populations that are spread out over the town, burrowed down "niches". The police checks and intimidations take place in Calais. The town is a border. I have been filming in Calais since October. My perception of the territory is constantly changing. However, I can feel that certain images withstand. The landscape of Calais bears the scars of its geostrategic situation through the ages. It is marked by the history of the Bourgeois, riddled with forts and citadels, from Vauban to the monoliths of the Third Reich. Today, the fortress has been reversed. It no longer has to protect the town against invasions, it blocks off movement, stops the migrants who try to escape in their tracks. My experience is one of restless wandering round a territory saturated with palimpsests. E.G.B.

Images de l'oeuvre
Processus de création
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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