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Silence is sexy

image de l'oeuvre Silence is sexy  de  Alexandre Del Torchio Alexandre Del Torchio

De Alexandre Del Torchio, installation 2009

  • 2009 - Exhibition Panorama 11 au Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing de Tourcoing (FR)

Visitors enter an installation that seems selfcontained, with all the power of the final sequence of Robert Aldrich's movie Kiss me Deadly, made in 1955. With this device, i place the viewer in the center of a sensory and mental experience that has a direct effect on his or her bearings. In a more direct way still, the hero of Rear Window attains a mental image, not simply because he is a photographer, but because he is in a state of physical impotence: he is to an extent reduced to a pure optical situation. Gilles Deleuze, L'image-mouvement This creates a void, "a black hole" that allows visitors access to a different space-time. An instance's slippage; a possible "elsewhere" that conjures up the fantastic. An interval creating an atmosphere between fiction and reality.

Images de l'oeuvre
Processus de création
  • Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing

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